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Red Karpet

The Red Karpet is a Recording Studio and Clothing Store located at 624 E 185th St. Cleveland, OH 44119. It was founded by childhood friends 4Matik Hitmaker and Officially GP in 2016. The dynamic duo have spent the past two years investing in the Red Karpet label and brand by hiring trustworthy staff and providing quality clothing for their customers . During that time,
The Red Karpet has developed numerous artists and is becoming the go to recording studio on Cleveland’s Eastside for the “industry look” and sound. From inner city struggles to rubbing elbows with hip hop’s elite, The Red Karpet has gained momentum only the stars could align.
Red Karpet Officially GP Shawn Poe
A Team Skeeno Kiddollaz Sosa Da Yungest
Rio Bvndz

4Matik The Hitmaker

4matik The Hitmaker is the C.E.O and executive producer of The RedKarpet. Everyday for the last 25 years he has created hip hop music. He was an assistant engineer on World Class Jazz albums with Grammy award winning producers and musicians likes of Tommy Lipuma, Christian McBride, and Larry Goldings just to name a few. Since then he has executively produced/mixed and mastered ten full albums. Including over 50 Maybach Music releases and countless features with The Who’s Who of Hip Hop. 4matik stands out from other engineers by helping his artist not only record but piece together a song from start to finish. However, his greatest accomplishment to date is creating a successful independent movement RedKarpet.
4matik has numerous qualifications that include a Degree in Applied Science A.A.S. Engineer, ProTools Certified, Assistant Professor at Tri-C Recording Arts & Technology, Instrument Mic Placement, Extensive experience on most consoles; SSL, Toft, Audient, D-Command, Matrix, and is Proficient with most DAW’s Programs.
4matik Credits:
Kevin Gates, Yowda, MGK, Mozzy, EST, DoeBoy, Ray Jr., Pooh Gutta, Fat Al, Boss Lucci, Dub-O, Trapaholics, BWA Ron, Tony Lipuma, Christian McBride, Dominick Feranachi, Larry Goldings.

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